How to delete ghost schedule events

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This is a note for future.

I had some issue in using EdgeX Go device SDK (Delhi) because a previously registered scheduler event (turnOnSwitch) made the bool variable being kept to be true once every 10 seconds (even after the components are removed from the configuration.toml).

To remove the unnecessary schedule event, please follow the steps below:

Use this API to retrieve the ID of the schedule event:

  • localhost:48081/api/v1/scheduleevent

(In my case) the ID is:

  • 5cf164449f8fc2000116b242

In PostMan, send a DELETE request with the id:

  • localhost:48081/api/v1/scheduleevent/id/5cf164449f8fc2000116b242

This is valid for Delhi or older versions not Fuji and newer as the mechanism has been changed.