Mqqt-Device service not running

Hello there,
I follow the instruction from edgex documentation ( 6.5. MQTT - Adding a Device to EdgeX) to add a mqqt device. But when run the docker-compose up the mqtt-device service is not running :
7d1c770f1425 edgexfoundry/docker-device-mqtt-go:1.0.0 “/device-mqtt --regi…” About a minute ago Exited (1) 48 seconds ago

Is in state Exited…
does anyone have the same problem?

Hi again,

The device-mqtt-go service is running for about a minute and after is exited. In the consul ui output see that :
Get http://edgex-device-mqtt:49982/api/v1/ping: dial tcp connect: connection refused
But for about a minute is working good.
As i said to my previous message i follow exactly the 6.5. MQTT - Adding a Device to EdgeX documentation

Thanks again