Running EdgeX on 32-bit before Edinburgh release

Hi, we are trying to run EdgeX, or at least parts of it for a start, on armhf (32-bit) architecture. MongoDB is obviously not supported in that scenario, and I understand the work on full Redis support across all microservices is ongoing for Edinburgh release.
What I am struggling to understand is whether it is at all possible to run a selection of the services right now (containing especially the core services, but potentially others like export) so that Mongo does not need to be present. There is an example docker-compose file with redis here but it still relies on mongo. Any pointers as to what to remove / replace (in terms of the microservices, config etc) to run EdgeX without Mongo?

P.S. wasn’t entirely clear if this is the right section for the question so feel free to move elsewhere!

I have some more questions: 1) how exactly do I change the config of the logging service? Should I modify the core-config-seed config files? Or should I just make calls to consul right after starting EdgeX?

The designed way is to make changes via Consul. If that doesn’t work for some reason, you modify the config TOML files. In my development environment I edit the TOML files.

  1. what should I change in the configuration? Here I can see a DBType = ‘mongodb’ line, is there a documentation for this anywhere? Or should I just look at the logging service code?

You’ll need to look at the code. The string you want is 'file'

  1. Do the other services, and especially core ones, already have full support for using redis instead of mongo? Do I need to do anything to point them away from mongo and towards redis, or is there any auto-detection?

On the Delhi release branch, Redis has been implemented for the other services (Core Data, Metadata, Export Client). This code is in the process of being brought forward to the master branch for the Edinburgh release.

To be honest I am just starting with getting to know the project, but as I get more confident in finding my way around will look into contributing!

Appreciate that. Please followup should you have additional questions.


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