Send data between two edgex's


I just wonder how send data between 2 edgex’s that are in same network. I have one edgex that running in a RaspberryPi and a second edgex that running to a PC. I have a virtual-device that produced random numbers to first edgex. I can send to core-data service and after that through export and distribution service to a mqtt client . In the second edgex, can i have an mqtt-device service that can accept the data from 1st edgex as mqtt-client?
Is there anybody who tried that?
I also want to ask if i can load 2 different mqtt-profiles in one edgex. If yes how can i do that? having 2 profiles in one mqtt-device service or having 2 mqtt-device services with a device profile in each mqtt-device srvice?

Thank you very much