Send mqtt message between 2 Edgex's


I followed the instructions of
Everything working fine. Using the export-registration service i can see the values in

Now i want to send these values to a second EdgeX instance. Is there any guide how to do that?
I tried some things but not working. I added a mqtt-device to the second EdgeX instance
like the example of the link above.
From first Edgex using export-registraton service i POST to http://localhost:48071/api/v1/registration :

Where is the ip that second Edgex and mosquitto broker, running.
The second can receive values through mqtt in this format (as explained in example) :


So in the first Edgex i use a device profile that accept a String and send values to it in that format :

So the first Edgex receive a String ( {‘name’:‘MQ_DEVICE’,‘cmd’:‘randnum’,‘randnum’:‘100’}) that all that string i want to send it (through export-service) to second mosquitto broker to send the value 100 to second Edgex.

Is my logic right?

Thank you very much

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