Thingsboard connection

Hi everyone,

I made some attempts but I couldn’t connect edgeX with thingsboard. Could you kindly copy a complete and correct configuration template?

I found this post but I could not connect correctly with the various suggestions indicated:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @mordred, sorry for the delayed response. Are you using the export-distro service to connect via MQTT, or the newer App Functions SDK?

Hi @mhall119 ,

Don’t worry and thank you for having responded.

Initially I thought we would use the export-distro service to connect via MQTT, but today I also noticed the existence of the app function sdk …
I don’t know which one you would suggest?

In the first case I wouldn’t know how to set the payload of the http request to the export service to register the service and translate into thingsboard format (I know that two releases ago was added but I didn’t find any reference about it except for the post I linked …) .

In the second case would it be easier to export and forward the data that edgex receives to thingsboard?

And I’m also wondering if it’s possible to forward them directly to thingsboard or need to create a TBGateway.

Thanks in advance … excuse the long post but I am interested in their interaction

The app functions sdk is working on replacing all of the former export-services with a more flexible and extensible framework, so I’d suggest using that.

Export-services can only send data in the EdgeX Foundry data structure format, in either JSON or XML. It’s relatively easy to just have it send this data to an MQTT broker, but it can’t translate it into a different format. This is one of the things that the App Functions SDK was created to solve for us, and it now provides that ability.

The App Functions SDK docs show an example service that processes event readings and prints them out as XML but if you scroll down more it also describes the built-in transformJSON and MQTTSend functions which should be what you need to send data to thingsboard.

If you need help writing your app functions, please join the #applications channel on our Slack