X509 Certificate error when running export-distro in docker

dtam [11:35 AM]
@tsconn23 I had attempted the steps in that article with no success, so I executed some shell commands on the running export-distro docker container and found that the certificate had not been copied as I had specified in my Dockerfile. After many variations of Dockerfile.export-distro I could not get it to work, so instead I found a work around by executing commands to the running docker-container (using docker exec -it <container_id> <command>) :

  • wget the missing .crt file to /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/
  • apk add ca-certificates (for some reason this was not present despite being executed in the Dockerfile)
  • update-ca-certificates

Not a very good solution however this has eliminated the x509 error and appears to be working for now. Thanks for your help! (edited)